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December 2015

It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve as the new President of the US Chapter of the ISS. I have been most fortunate in benefiting from the wisdom and leadership of my predecessors in this role, particularly Hilary Sanfey, our immediate Past President and John Clarke, who preceded her. I extend them both tremendous gratitude for the significant time and guidance they have provided me.

We had a lively and well-attended Annual Meeting at the ACS Clinical Congress in Chicago in October, which followed a robust ISS World Congress of Surgery in August in Bangkok, Thailand. Minutes from the October meeting can be found here.

Despite the sad passing of Secretary General, Jean-Claude Givel, the ISS World Congress offered an excellent program. The opening ceremony included a fond remembrance of Dr. Givel where he was acknowledged for his long service and many contributions to the ISS. Also of note, the membership passed an updated ISS Constitution that now more accurately reflects ISS’s evolving mission and membership.

As a result of the bylaws change, one of our first orders of business as a chapter will be updating our own Constitution and Bylaws to align with the ISS Constitution and to stipulate the broadened definition of membership eligibility that more broadly reflects those who contribute to the advancement of surgical care. A small group is being assembled to make the needed updates, which will later be circulated for a vote from the membership.

Also warranting re-evaluation are the Chapter’s website and our Speaker’s Bureau. Our Chapter Administrator, Ms. Emily Maurer will explore options for updating the functionality and relevance of the Chapter Website to allow better interaction among members, online application for our various awards, and in general, be a more useful tool. After early inquiries, we believe that significant enhancements can be made with relatively a minor financial investment. Input from the membership as to what sort of functionality is desired of the website will be greatly appreciated and a small group will be assembled to make recommendations to this end.

It appears that there have been no inquiries to our Speaker’s Bureau over the past 1-2 years. As such, it seems prudent to reassess the goals and the processes associated with this service so that it can be a meaningful component of our chapter’s offerings. Multiple ideas were discussed at the recent chapter meeting and further input is quite welcome.

We also discussed the need for additional committees, such as an Education Committee and an Awards Committee. By the end of November, we need to consider candidates to deliver the 2016 ISS Distinguished Lecture at the ACS Clinical Congress in Washington DC, as the speaker must be confirmed by the end of this calendar year. (Please note –moving forward a speaker should be named at Clinical Congress for the following year.) The proposed Awards Committee would oversee the process for determining this speaker and other honorees of our chapter. The proposed Education Committee would be tasked with recommending educational offerings from the chapter at the biennial ISS World Congress, whether in the form of plenary sessions or more in depth courses. A number of potential course offerings were proposed by those in attendance in Chicago.

The ISS Foundation is newly under the direction of ISS Past President Mike Sarr who envisions it as a means of unifying the integrated societies’ educational activities in addition to continuing to provide support for participation of colleagues from developing countries. The Foundation enabled 10 Traveling Fellows to make presentations at the recent meeting in Bangkok. Dr. Sarr has requested that the US Chapter consider funding one or more Traveling Fellows through the Foundation for the 2017 meeting in Buenos Aires.

Congratulations to our esteemed colleagues recently elected as Officers of the US chapter of ISS: Peter Angelos, Vice President; Ray Price, Secretary/Treasurer; Adil Haider, Membership Chair; and Council members: Martha Zeigler, Raul Coimbra, George Ferzli, Tonia Young-Fadok, Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan, Sherry Wren, Andres Castellanos, and Past President Hilary Sanfey. Congratulations as well and a warm welcome to the 20 newly approved members of the US-ISS chapter (

Last, but far from least, I’d like to acknowledge the incredible guidance and support afforded by Emily Maurer, our chapter administrator. Please be sure to keep Emily up to date with any changes in your contact information so we can continue to keep in touch.

To Recap with Action Items:

1) Please check the chapter website ( to ensure your profile and contact information is current and correct. Send any updates to Emily Maurer,

2) If you have not yet paid your dues to the ISS, please do so before the end of 2015.

3) Send your recommendations for a speaker for 2016 Distinguished ISS lecture at ACS Clinical Congress in DC by Monday, November 30th. We will distribute a ballot in mid December. The deadline to submit our speaker is December 31, 2015.

4) Please contact Kathleen ( +/or Emily ( if you are interested in contributing to:

  • updating the chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws
  • making recommendations for website improvements
  • serving on an Awards Committee
  • serving on an Education Committee

5) Mark your calendars for these upcoming events of note. Please let us know of any events sponsored by the integrated societies or other organizations that may be of interest to the chapter membership, which can be added to our website.

  • International Humanitarian Aid Skills Course, Stanford University, February 27 – 28, 2016. Please click here for details.
  • 2016 Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) meeting, Mombasa Kenya, December 8-10, 2016 in conjunction with COSECSA.
  • 2017 World Congress in Buenos Aires Argentina, August 27-31, 2017,

I look forward to working together with all of you to deepen our chapter’s contributions to the ISS and to all the surgical patients we serve.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you.

Kathleen Casey
US-ISS President




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